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Why is the current price of the Merveilleux a fair bit higher than it was in 2018?

When we first launched Atelier Millésime in 2018, the retail price of the Merveilleux was 648 USD and pre-order price (limited to the first month of launch) was 498 USD. Since then we have vastly improved every aspect of the Merveilleux, including replacing the movement with the excellent Swiss Made Soprod M100 (the newest version of the Soprod A10), improving the case and dial finishing and structure, and improving the quality of the included leather strap. Formerly the packaging of the Merveilleux was a paper box, whereas included is now a full top-grain calf leather racing green travel case with cream suede interior custom-designed by and handmade for us. A rose gold Certificate of Authenticity, brushed and engraved by hand, is now included with every Atelier Millésime watch. The overall quality and finishing of the Merveilleux has been raised by an order of magnitude.

The Merveilleux was indeed significantly underpriced at launch and we did not expect that we would further improve its quality even in the midst of production. The current price at 1200 USD is more in keeping with the quality of the Merveilleux with its refined Swiss Soprod movement.


How much is shipping?

UPS Express is used as our default shipping service. We charge a flat rate of 98 USD worldwide inclusive of secure bubble wrapping. Our watches generally reach most countries within 2-4 working days, and we have shipped to over 50 countries.

If you would prefer to use a different shipping method, please contact us and we will arrange this at cost price.

Customs and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Feel free to contact us if you are ordering a watch as a gift, and we will declare this on the shipment. We however have no control over individual countries' customs policies.


How do you handle servicing?

Just send your watch back to us and we will service it for you with our compliments, hassle-free, during the warranty period.

The Merveilleux uses the ETA 2824 movement which is possibly the simplest movement in the universe to service, so you could also have it done locally.

For the Majestique, we have an international service centre in Switzerland run by Vaucher that will service our sophisticated micro-rotor movement.

Our turnaround time is 1-2 months for routine servicing, significantly quicker than the industry average of 4-6 months. 

Even after the warranty period ends, we will always stand by our watches, and will service any watch that bears the Atelier Millésime name at cost price.

Just send us an email at and we'll handle everything.


Can I swap the strap on my watch for a different colour?

Yes you can. Just send us an email at, attaching your order receipt and desired strap colour. This is subject to the strap colour being available.


Can you gift wrap my watch?

We'd be delighted to! Just send us an email at, attaching your order receipt and any remarks on the giftee's preferences. As far as possible, we will endeavour to handwrite your message with our collection of vintage fountain pens to utterly delight your loved one.


I am interested in retailing Atelier Millésime. How can I get in touch?

We commend you on your impeccable taste! Just send us an email at


I am interested in featuring Atelier Millésime in a media article. How can I get in touch?

Thank you for having us in mind! Just send us an email at


I am interested in making bespoke modifications to an existing Atelier Millésime model or creating an entirely new model. How do we proceed?

One of the benefits of being a boutique luxury watch brand is our ability to cater to our cherished clients' needs in ways that the mainstream brands simply can't.

We are very much able to make bespoke modifications or to conceive a new design exclusively for a client. Just send us an email at and we will take it from there.


Why the brand name Atelier Millésime? And what does Majestique and Merveilleux mean?

The two words that comprise our brand name are French for "workshop" and "vintage", respectively alluding to the artisanal nature and small quantity of our watch craftsmanship, done with great personal care and love, and the magnificent vintage watches of the Art Deco period and 1950s that we draw our inspiration from. We decided on a simple brand name that harmonises with the simple and purist elegance of our watches.

Majestique and Merveilleux is Swiss-French for "majestic" and "marvellous" respectively. The choice of Swiss-French names honours the Swiss origins of our watch movements, namely Fleurier in the district of Val-de-Travers in the canton of Neuchâtel, and Grenchen, in the district of Lebern at the foot of the Jura mountains in the canton of Solothurn.